New, More OUAT Season Three Spoilers

Written by Vaughan Grey   // September 27, 2013

lana parrillaMore OUAT Season Three Spoilers

What can you tease about Once Upon a Time‘s premiere? — Jessica 

NATALIE: It’s very action-packed. There will be fighting — seriously, at least two people get punched in the face and it’s awesome — flying and betrayal. But before we get to Neverland, the third season of Once Upon a Time will pick up in the real world with moment fans have been waiting for since the beginning of the series. But manage your expectations: You won’t get the whole story about that moment until Episode 3×09.

AnnKine: Some Robin Hood scoop would be great. What’s his story this season on Once Upon a Time? Will he get his own backstory episode?

We will see new Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) in the premiere, and guess what?—It’s not via flashback! Robin Hood is one of the lucky few to have stayed behind in the Enchanted Forest post-curse has made himself quite comfortable in a castle that is filled with dark secrets. He’ll be helping Neal in his quest to get back to Emma and according to the OUAT creators, he’ll be getting some major screen time this season.

Smolderderavin: To be honest all we want are Rumbelle spoilers :) ) so if you could please get some we’ll forever love you, you know.

We’re all about eternal admiration! Even though our beloved Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emilie De Ravin) are worlds apart, that does not mean that we won’t see them together. To quote Rumple, “Neverland is a place where imagination runs wild,” so just keep that rule in mind in the second episode of Once Upon a Time this season. Bonus Scoop: Their scenes together are better than we could’ve ever hoped for. So sweet and so caring.

Alex96401212: Can we expect a lot of flashback about Emma’s past in Once Upon a Time? We want to see more of that.

Then you definitely won’t want to miss the first two minutes of Sunday’s season premiere of Once Upon a Time! Fans will be treated to a very special Emma-centric scene in which we flashback to 11 years ago. Hmm… interesting. Isn’t Henry 11 years old? What a magical coincidence! And speaking of magic, let’s just say that Emma’s powers have been with her long before her trip to Storybrooke. 

We all know that 11 years ago, Emma gave up her baby boy, but did you know how incredibly heartbreaking that decision was for her? And yes, Emma’s time in foster care is also addressed. Kuddos to Jennifer Morrison for bringing tears to our eyes multiple times in these first two episodes. 




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